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Translation of Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito

Translation into English of the Italian poet Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito: The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press, 2018). Here are two of the translated texts:

« A glass of water on the table, by chance almost full after dinner. We were alone and transparent, with something burning inside. One color after another, and then different colors, together, as in a bright moving net. The blue rose from the ankles all the way up to where we could still talk. Then something touched us. Its dark lure was submerged in the water. »

« Unfinished sentences remain ruins. You’re supporting inside yourself an entire village in danger of collapsing. You know the pain of every tile, every brick.

A dull thud in the clearing of your chest. Perhaps it’s someone’s constant love, a calm chore resounding in the depths of the woods. You who are unpacking your suitcase, you forget to leave. »

The book can be ordered from the Bitter Oleander Press website or from Small Press Distribution.

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