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Cinq poèmes de Franca Mancinelli dans l’anthologie Plume Poetry 7

Cinq poèmes de Franca Mancinelli ont été publiés en italien et en anglais (traduction John Taylor) dans l’anthologie Plume Poetry 7 (Canisy Press, 2019). Les poèmes italiens, d’abord publiés dans son livre Mala kruna (2007), se trouvent aujourd’hui dans son recueil A un’ora di sonno da qui (Italic Pequod, 2018). Voici les poèmes en traduction:

suddenly the constructions were collapsing,

the wave was sweeping inside

the green swimming suit. When I stood up

I knew what happens to a woman


after the sun has sunk into the spirals

now become solidified salt

and other dead shells.


you’ve kissed my protruding bone

the hip’s incurved branch:

the string of stones on my back vanishes

and I sit in front of you

with open roots.


It’s a clear-cut image, long

I leaf through until it matches

but now I remember it’s me:

the shining lobes just pierced,

a makeshift smile,

a flower coming closer from his hand.

I open my eyes to the flash, and the slicing

of the light is mine.


here every word is a broken branch

a tree of music by the seashore


what torment to be together

yet distant


only parched saliva, crushed chest,

but if my eyes rested on your eyes

every knot in my blood would be a bow.


the bony heart licked, I let myself go,

roll all the way to the sea.


My breast a tulip upturned

to the railroad’s teeth,

my back a bridge to your watery footprints


push the swing for me:

a full turn up and around the bar

and through the wind.


if we were feverish together

we’d be like two spoons

put back dry in the drawer.

Our feet to and fro like rags

to caress the floors


or we’d stay naked like nails

forgotten in the middle of the wall.

© traduction John Taylor

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