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Pierre Chappuis & John Taylor / A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges

Sortie du « livre double » A Notebook of Clouds (par Pierre Chappuis, traduit du français par John Taylor) et A Notebook of Ridges (par John Taylor) chez The Fortnightly Review. Voici la quatrième de couverture:

“A reading experience like no other…Pierre Chappuis’s ‘A Notebook of Clouds’ (in John Taylor’s nuanced translation) is by turns lyrical, playful, and philosophical. Magically, in a series of short prose pieces and poems, Chappuis evokes a bygone world of childhood when we could sit and stare and discover an entire universe in a passing cloud. At the same time, we are given fascinating glimpses into the hidden nature of the creative act.

“Taking his inspiration from Chappuis, John Taylor does not disappoint when he follows with his own ‘A Notebook of Ridges’. Its observations form the basis for a search into childhood memories of the flatlands of Iowa and for a subtle investigation into how the past haunts the life he leads now in Western France. Finally, in a sequence called ‘The Word and the Stream’, Taylor moves from the immanent to the transcendent in a series of compelling and poetically-charged fragments. 

“Throughout this volume, there is the most wonderful sense of a genuine pilgrimage for our times.”

—Ian Seed
University of Chester
Author: New York Hotel

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