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World Literature Today on « A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges »

In World Literature Today, Kurt Heinzelman has reviewed Pierre Chappuis and John Taylor’s A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges (Fortnightly Review): A uniquely valued genre in French letters is the cahier or carnet (notebook or journal). These collections are often like commonplace books and usually include not just pieces in verse form and prose texts but […]

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John Taylor’s « Fragments for the Next Form », Éditions Arichi, 2019

John Taylor’s Fragments for the Next Form / Fragments pour la prochaine forme has just been published by the Éditions Arichi in Paris. Translation by Françoise Daviet-Taylor, engravings by Jean-Marc Brunet.

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John Taylor’s « Oblò » (Portholes) appears in Italian at Pietre Vive Editore

John Taylor’s Oblò (Portholes) has appeared at Pietre Vive Editore, in an Italian translation by Marco Morello. Paintings by Caroline François-Rubino, postface by Franca Mancinelli. The first two poems: rapide creste onde nel crepuscolo versi scarabocchiati con l’acqua sull’acqua sempre meno luminosa * di tanto in tanto chiazze d’ombra più scure sull’ombra notturna sempre meno […]

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Eight poems from Franca Mancinelli’s « Mother Dough » in Tupelo Quarterly

Eight poems from Franca Mancinelli’s collection Pasta Madre (Mother Dough) have appeared in the Tupelo Quarterly. Here is one of the poems, in an English translation by John Taylor: “I worked with death in my heart for a month.” And her eyes brim over with the thought of nights when on the other side of […]

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John Taylor’s Oblò (Portholes) reviewed by Alessandro Canzian in Laboratori Poesia

Alessandro Canzian has written for the Italian literary website Laboratori Poesia a splendid review of Oblò (Pietre Vive, Editore), the Italian translation of Portholes (included in the collection Grassy Stairways [The MadHat Press], and also available in French as Hublots and in Serbian as OKHA): Pietre Vive Edizioni, ormai noto editore di piccole chicche letterarie che […]

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Pierre Chappuis and John Taylor’s « A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges » (Fortnightly Review) / Alta Ifland on Goodreads

Alta Ifland has extensively reviewed Pierre Chappuis and John Taylor’s A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges (Fortnightly Review) on Goodreads: John Taylor is without a doubt the most prolific American translator of poetry from French into English, and certainly one of the best. He also happens to be one of the most […]

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John Taylor interviewed by Grazia Calanna / L’EstroVerso

John Taylor is interviewed by Grazia Calanna for the website L’EstroVerso about his first experiences of poetry, his own poetry, his translation, and his new book in Italy, Oblò (Pietre Vive Editore), translated by Marco Morello, illustrated by Caroline François-Rubino, with a postface by Franca Mancinelli. Qual è il ricordo (o un aneddoto) legato alla […]

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John Taylor and Pierre Chappuis / Reading in Translation

John Taylor and Pierre Chappuis have been interviewed by Laura Marris on the website Reading in Translation about their « double book » A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges (Fortnightly Review). Laura Marris writes in her introduction to the interview: « Some of us, if we are lucky enough, have witnessed it—the moment when a […]

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Alfredo de Palchi’s « Eventi terminali », introduction by John Taylor

Alfredo de Palchi’s Eventi terminali (Mimesis Edizioni, collana « Hebenon ») has just appeared, with an introduction by John Taylor.

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Special feature on Franca Mancinelli / The Bitter Oleander

The Bitter Oleander (Autumn 2019)has devoted a generous special feature to the poetry of Franca Mancinelli, as translated by John Taylor, with an extensive dialogue between the poet and her translator. An excerpt from the dialogue: . . . JT: Passing through. . . Your collection of prose poems, Libretto di transito, became The Little […]

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