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Poems from « Portholes » translated into Macedonian

Several poems from Portholes (included in the volume Grassy Stairways, The MadHat Press, 2017) have been translated into Macedonian by D. A. Lori. To read these translations, click here. With a critical presentation by Snezana Stojcevska. With illustrations by Caroline François-Rubino. A French-English edition and a Serbian-English edition of Portholes also exist:

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Franca Mancinelli’s « Fuori dal fuoco » / « Out of the Fire » in English

Franca Mancinelli’s poetic sequence « Fuori dal fuoco » has been translated into English by John Taylor as « Out of the Fire » on Ron Slate’s litzine-website On the Seawall. Here are the translated poems: with footsteps that would like to plant seeds in a cadence I’m going to give back to the leaves the tree they have lost, to the […]

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On the poetry of Salomon Ibn Gabirol, Antioch Review

The essay « Being Personal: The Very Modern Medieval Poetry of Salomon Ibn Gabirol » has been published in the Antioch Review (Volume 76, No. 3, Summer 2018). The review essay examines Ibn Gabirol’s poems, as published in the book « Vulture in a Cage » (translated by Raymond P. Scheindlin, Archipelago Books). The beginning of the essay: In his […]

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Translation of Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito

Translation into English of the Italian poet Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito: The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press, 2018). Here are two of the translated texts: « A glass of water on the table, by chance almost full after dinner. We were alone and transparent, with something burning inside. One color after another, and then […]

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« OKHA » (« Hublots » / « Portholes ») wins « Best Literary Oeuvre » Prize in Banja Luka

OKHA, the Serbian translation of Portholes, was awarded the « Best Literary Oeuvre » Prize at the Banja Luka Book Fair, September 13-16, 2018. OKHA is the Serbian translation, by Sanja Zekanović and Kolja Mićević, of the poetic sequence Portholes (included in my book Grassy Stairways, The MadHat Press, 2017) and thus also of Hublots (Éditions L’Oeil […]

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Poems by Franca Mancinelli translated into English and published in Trafika Europe

Several previously unpublished poems, by Franca Mancinelli, translated into English and published in Trafika Europe. The first of the series: to the dust of the air reunite me my light coming like a fuse These poems are not included in The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press), available from the Bitter Oleander Press website […]

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Poems by Alfredo de Palchi and by Franca Mancinelli published in English translation in the Journal of Italian Translation

Poems by Alfredo de Palchi (from his sequence « Destination Apocalypse ») and by Franca Mancinelli (a selection from her sequence « All the eyes that I have opened ») published in English translation in the Journal of Italian Translation.

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Remembrance of Water & Twenty-Five Trees (Bitter Oleander Press)

Publication of the poetry collection Remembrance of Water & Twenty-Five Trees (Bitter Oleander Press), with paintings by Caroline François-Rubino. Here are two excerpts from the sequence « The Last Cherry Tree »: « rising from farmland an abandoned backyard or is it from a playground   the cherry tree lingers   long you have been away from the first […]

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Translation of Philippe Jaccottet’s « Truinas »

Publication of the first English translation of Philippe Jaccottet’s « Truinas », in the « Odd Volumes » series of The Fortnightly Review. The book is a tribute to Jaccottet’s friend, the French poet André du Bouchet, and an evocation of the latter’s death and burial. Here is the opening passage: « It was the 20th of April, on the eve […]

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Italian translation of Introduction to Franca Mancinelli’s « The Little Book of Passage »

The Centro di ricerca PENS (poesia contemporanea e nuove scritture), at the University of Salento, has published on its website the Italian translation (by Riccardo Frolloni) of my Introduction to my forthcoming translation of Franca Mancinelli’s « Libretto di transito » (« The Little Book of Passage », Bitter Oleander Press, 2018). Here it is.    

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