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Claude Vercey on John Taylor’s « Le dernier cerisier » / revue Décharge

Claude Vercey has written a fine article about Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) in the French literary review Décharge. This book, translated into French by Françoise Daviet-Taylor and illustrated by Caroline François-Rubino‘s watercolors, represents the French translation of three poetic sequences: « But It Was Not Yet Night » (from The Dark Brightness, Xenos Books, 2017) and […]

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Interview with John Taylor by Franca Mancinelli / Poesia del nostro tempo

A long interview in Italian with John Taylor, conducted by the poet Franca Mancinelli, on the literary website Poesia del nostro tempo, about his arrival in Europe in 1975, his studies at the University of Hamburg (1975-1976), his stay on the island of Samos (1976-1977), his arrival in France in 1977. With a passage about his […]

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Three poems from Remembrance of Water in Italian / Atelier

Three poems from Remembrance of Water & Twenty-Five Trees (Bitter Oleander Press), in Marco Morello’s Italian translation, have been published on the Italian literary website Atelier. Here is the third of the three poems chosen, « The Silver Maple » / « L’acero argenteo »: The Silver Maple you scratch the first initial into the smooth gray bark with […]

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Franca Mancinelli’s Little Book of Passage / World Literature Today

A very fine review of Franca Mancinelli’s The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press) in World Literature Today.  Benjamin Myers writes: Italian poet Franca Mancinelli’s The Little Book of Passage, with facing-page translation by John Taylor, exemplifies the best possibilities of the prose-poem form. As James Longenbach notes in his excellent book The Art of the […]

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Three poems from Remembrance of Water in Italian / Journal of Italian Translation

Three poems from Remembrance of Water & Twenty-Five Trees (Bitter Oleander Press) have been translated into Italian by Marco Morello and published in the Journal of Italian Translation (Vol. XIII, No. 2, Fall 2018). Here is the first poem of the three (from the sequence « Triptych »): The Edge   everywhere snow   peaks glaciers passes […]

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Alfredo de Palchi’s Nihil reviewed in Journal of Italian Translation

In the Journal of Italian Translation (Volume XIII, No. 2, Fall 2018). Paul Vangelisti’s fine review of Alfredo de Palchi’s Nihil (Xenos Books, 2017): « John Taylor’s work is exemplary in treating a poet like de Palchi, who’s temperamentally as well as culturally challenging to carry over into English. Taylor’s translating skills, combined with his knowledge of […]

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Franca Mancinelli on Poetry Daily

Poetry Daily has chosen a prose poem from The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press) for its daily feature: « But you bring clay. You add more clay from the beginning of the world. You go to the broken, empty places. You are beckoned by the warm places, a sweaty manual worker who smiles when […]

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Le dernier cerisier / Mobilis

An excellent article on Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) by Claire-Neige Jaunet on the website of Mobilis: Le dernier cerisier de John Taylor, un recueil de poèmes où la « lumière ourlée de noir » est celle du paysage intérieur, à la fois dévasté et rayonnant. Lecture de Claire-Neige Jaunet. Une estampe : voilà le mot qui vient […]

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Five poems by Franca Mancinelli / Plume Poetry 7

Five poems by Franca Mancinelli have been published bilingually in the anthology Plume Poetry 7 (edited by Daniel Lawless, Canisy Press, 2019). The poems were selected from her first book, Mala kruna (2007), now included in her book A un’ora di sonno da qui (Italic Pequod, 2018). Here are the English versions: suddenly the constructions […]

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Review of Le dernier cerisier (Voix d’encre) / Art helvétique contemporain

The French critic Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret has reviewed Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) on the blog of Art helvétique contemporain: La force des aquarelles de Caroline François-Rubino tient ici à leur espace entre le jour et la nuit, l’épanouissement et la fin, le ciel et la terre. Comme l’écrit le poète « une lumière (est) ourlée / […]

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