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Sabine Huynh on « Le dernier cerisier » by John Taylor / Terre à ciel

The French poet Sabine Huynh has made this fine presentation of Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) in the review Terre à ciel: John Taylor, Le dernier cerisier – The Last Cherry Tree, bilingue, avec des aquarelles de Caroline François-Rubino. Textes en anglais : John Taylor, traduction : Françoise Daviet-Taylor. Éditions Voix d’encre, 2019. Il y a… ce […]

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Macedonian translation of John Taylor’s essay on the Serbian poet Dragan Jovanović Danilov’s poetry / COBPEMEHOCT

John Taylor’s article on the Serbian poet Dragan Jovanović Danilov has been translated into Macedonian by the poet Snezana Stojcevska and has appeared in the second issue of the Macedonian magazine COBPEMEHOCT: Here is the article in English, with the Macedonian translation at the end: Dragan Jovanović Danilov’s Poetry and its Backdrops Although Dragan Jovanović Danilov’s poems are […]

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John Taylor on Franca Mancinelli’s « Libretto di transito » / Times Literary Supplement

John Taylor on Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito in the Times Literary Supplement (21 June 2019, p. 32). This article is excerpted from his introduction to his translation of the same book, published in English by the Bitter Oleander Press as The Little Book of Passage: Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito appears after her first […]

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Pierre Kobel on « Le dernier cerisier » de John Taylor

Pierre Kobel has written this article on Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) ; it appears on his blog La pierre et le sel: Le dernier cerisier se dressant au milieu des cultures ou sur une pelouse abandonnée derrière une maison ou est-ce sur un terrain de jeu le cerisier est toujours là depuis longtemps […]

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Eight poems from Franca Mancinelli’s « Mala kruna » translated by John Taylor / The Fortnightly Review

Eight poems from Franca Mancinelli’s first book, Mala kruna (2007), translated into English by John Taylor for The Fortnightly Review: 1. on the horizon a different sea stopped the blood under your fingernails. A black-clad mother on the island came to your side, told you about the wind, the bad weather keeping the boats from leaving; then […]

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Article by Olivier Massé on « Le dernier cerisier » (Éditions Voix d’encre) in « Diérèse »

Olivier Massé has written a fine article on Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) in the French literary review Diérèse:  

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article by Murièle Camac on « Le dernier cerisier » by John Taylor

The French poet Murièle Camac has written a fine article about Le dernier cerisier (Éditions Voix d’encre) by John Taylor (French translation by Françoise Daviet-Taylor, watercolors by Caroline François-Rubino). Here it is, on her blog Les portes de la perception: John Taylor : le recueil « Le Dernier cerisier » Quel est-il, cet arbre qui donne son […]

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Philippe Jaccottet, « A Calm Fire » translated by John Taylor at Seagull Books

John Taylor has collected and translated Philippe Jaccottet’s travel writings as A Calm Fire and Other Travel Writings (Seagull Books, 2019). The book comprises Libretto (1990), Crystal and Smoke (1993), Beginning with the Word « Russia » (2002), Israel: Blue Notebook (2004), and A Calm Fire (2007).

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Pierre Chappuis & John Taylor / A Notebook of Clouds & A Notebook of Ridges

The Fortnightly Review has published Pierre Chappuis’s A Notebook of Clouds and John Taylor’s A Notebook of Ridges as a « double book ». From the back-cover text by Ian Seed: “A reading experience like no other…Pierre Chappuis’s ‘A Notebook of Clouds’ (in John Taylor’s nuanced translation) is by turns lyrical, playful, and philosophical. Magically, in a […]

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José-Flore Tappy / John Taylor / Viceversa

A selection of poems translated from José-Flore Tappy’s Trás-os-Montes (Éditions La Dogana) and a text by John Taylor about his work with the Swiss poet in the literary review Viceversa (No. 13, 2019). Here is the original text from which translations were made into French, German, and Italian: Translating José-Flore Tappy I first came across […]

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