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Article by Piero Flecchia about « L’oscuro splendore » on the website « Il giornalaccio »

A fine article by Piero Flecchia about « L’oscuro splendore » (Mimesis Edizioni, collana « Hebenon ») on the website « Il giornalaccio« —  

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« The Bitter Oleander »: special feature on John Taylor

The spring 2018 issue of the review « The Bitter Oleander » includes a special feature on John Taylor, with a long interview, two sequences of poems (« The Sea at Sète » and « The Word and the Stream »), and excerpts from his translation of Franca Mancinelli’s « Libretto di transito ».

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Translations from « Libretto di transito », by Franca Mancinelli, in The Bitter Oleander, Plume, and The Fortnightly Review

Translations from Franca Mancinelli’s volume of short prose texts, « Libretto di transito » (Amos Edizioni, collana « A27 ») in The Bitter Oleander, Plume, and The Fortnightly Review.

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Article by Giacomo Cerrai (Imperfetta Ellisse) on « L’oscuro splendore »

Excellent article by Giocomo Cerrai on L’oscuro splendore (Mimesis Edizioni, collana « Hebenon ») on the blog Imperfetta Elisse.  

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Greg Bem’s article in « Rain Taxi » about Pierre Voélin’s « To Each Unfolding Leaf »

The critic Greg Bem has published a fine review of Pierre Voélin’s « To Each Unfolding Leaf: Selected Poems 1976-2015 » (Bitter Oleander Press, 2017) in the January 2018 issue of Rain Taxi: « This first major collection of English translations of Pierre Voélin’s poetry is monumental. Translator John Taylor shows himself capable of taking these works in their […]

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« La Pivoine noire » (The Black Peony), with the artist Anne-Marie Donaint-Bonave

Publication of the poem « La Pivoine noire » (The Black Peony), illustrated by the artist Anne-Marie Donaint-Bonave, as part of the « L3V » project.

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Publication of Wind-Vent, livre d’artiste, by Æncrages & Co.

Publication of Wind-Vent, a bilingual livre d’artiste in 21 copies, with original drawings by Caroline François-Rubino, French translation by Françoise Daviet-Taylor. Format 29 x 19,5 cm. Price: 350 €. At AEncrages & Co.                              

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Interview with Trafika Europe

Interview with Andrew Singer of Trafika Europe about translating French and Francophone poetry. Here is the interview.

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November 2017 Babel heureuse

Excerpts from the poetic sequence « But it was not yet night » / « Mais il ne faisait pas encore nuit » (translated by Françoise Daviet, with drawings by Caroline François-Rubino) in the second issue of the French review « Babel heureuse », as well as excerpts in French and English from Pierre Chappuis’s Cahier de nuages. To order the issue, […]

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