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John Taylor translates Philippe Jaccottet’s « La Clarté Notre-Dame & The Last Book of the Madrigals » (Seagull Books)

John Taylor has translated Philippe Jaccottet’s last two books, La Clarté Notre-Dame and The Last Book of the Madrigals, in one volume, for Seagull Books. The volume is distributed by the University of Chicago Press. The first review of this translation was written by Michael Collins for North of Oxford.  

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Philippe Jaccottet’s « La Clarté Notre-Dame & The Last Book of the Madrigals », translation John Taylor, reviewed by Michael Collins (North of Oxford)

For North of Oxford, Michael Collins has written the first review of Philippe Jaccottet’s La Clarté Notre-Dame & The Last Book of the Madrigals (Seagull Books), translated by John Taylor. An excerpt: « The movements between mythic macrocosm and imaginal immanence, in parallel with the reflexivity of speaker and addressee positions, facilitate many framings of this […]

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José-Flore Tappy’s « Trás-os-Montes », translated by John Taylor (The MadHat Press): book reviews

José-Flore Tappy’s collection of poems, Trás-os-Montes (The MadHat Press), translated by John Taylor, has received the following reviews: Ezra Translation, by Clara Burghelea: «  ». . .a lavish moment that José-Flore Tappy beautifully captures in her lines [. . .]. John Taylor’s closeness to both source language and the work of José-Flore Tappy permeates the English translation […]

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Franca Mancinelli’s « The Butterfly Cemetery », translated by John Taylor (Bitter Oleander Press): book reviews

Franca Mancinelli‘s The Butterfly Cemetery (The Bitter Oleander Press), translated by John Taylor, has received several reviews: North of Oxford, by g emil reutter: « Simply a masterpiece by Franca Mancinelli translated by John Taylor. The collection changes before your eyes, strong metaphor, imagery and while you read it you will not know that you too […]

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John Taylor’s translations of the Belgian poet Charline Lambert

Many poems from the Belgian poet Charline Lambert’s first four books—Chanvre et lierre (Éditions Le Taillis Pré, 2016 Sous dialyses (Éditions L’Âge d’Homme, 2016), Désincarcération (© Éditions L’Âge d’Homme, 2017), Une salve (Éditions L’Âge d’Homme, 2020—have appeared in John Taylor’s translations in online journals. Here are examples: The Fortnightly Review (18 May 2022) On the Seawall (July 2022) Word City Lit (July 2022) […]

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John Taylor: « Lightness Moved Things: Opening the Windows of the Translator’s Identity » / Hopscotch Translation

John Taylor’s essay « Lightness Moved Things: Opening the Windows of the Translator’s Identity » has appeared in the journal Hopscotch Translation. The essay focuses on how translating the poetry of Lorenzo Calogero affected his own writing. The opening paragraph: « The labor of translation sometimes leaves traces in my own writing or in my thinking about questions related […]

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Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor: A Dialogue in Verse

Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor have written a « dialogue in verse »: Come le briciole di Hansel / Like Hansel’s Breadcrumbs. The first half of the dialogue, with Mancinelli’s poetic sequence « In questo transito terrestre / On this Earthly Journey » translated into English by John Taylor, has appeared in the issue No.20 (June 2022) of the journal […]

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Clare Best’s « End of Season » translated into Italian by Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor

Clare Best’s collection of poems End of Season / Fine de stagione, a bilingual edition published by The Frogmore Press, with an Italian translation by Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor. Clare Best speaks about the book here.

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Translator John Taylor interviewed about Philippe Jaccottet / The Arts Fuse

Translator John Taylor has been interviewed on The Arts Fuse about his work with Philippe Jaccottet. An excerpt: Arts Fuse: Over a lifetime of writing in multiple genres, precision of observation and description was, for Jaccottet, a way of understanding the world. What techniques did you lean on or develop in order to render his […]

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Dialogue between Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor — Trafika Europe

A bilingual dialogue on Trafika Europe Radio between Franca Mancinelli and her translator John Taylor, about her new book The Butterfly Cemetery: Selected Prose 2008-2021 (The Bitter Oleander Press), a collection of autobiographical narratives and personal essays on landscape and poetics. The dialogue can be found in the « Bowery Poetry Speaks » series of Trafika Europe Radio. The […]

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