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L’oscuro splendore / Nuovi Argomenti

The poetic sequence « Waves » / « Onde » from L’oscuro splendore (Mimesis Edizioni, translated by Marco Morello) has appeared on the website Nuovi Argomenti. The sequence can be found below.   * nelle onde troppo spesso vedi lo spazzato via via ma arrivano bordi arricciati spruzzi così tanto strappate dal tutto le onde arrivano poi partono nel tutto arrivano * […]

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Franca Mancinelli’s « The Little Book of Passage » reviewed on Rough Ghosts

Joseph Schreiber has reviewed Franca Mancinelli’s The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press) on his blog « Rough Ghosts » An excerpt: « The flow of time, seasons, energy. Movement through space, life and form. Franca Mancinelli’s The Little Book of Passage—Libretto di transito—begins with what appears to be an evocation of the minute rituals of travel: the […]

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L’oscuro splendore / Poesia del nostro tempo

Poems from L’oscuro splendore (Mimesis Edizioni, collana Hebenon), the Italian translation by Marco Morello of The Dark Brightness (Xenos Books),  are featured on the website Poesia del nostro tempo. Here is one of the featured poems: Having left behind so much except your first, your final weakness persistent like a forgotten heart your only force […]

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The Little Book of Passage /Washington Independent Review of Books

Franca Mancinelli’s « The Little Book of Passage » (Bitter Oleander Press) has been reviewed by Grace Cavalieri in the Washington Independent Review of Books. Here is the link and here is the article: « These are beautiful little vignettes, prose poems — four, six, eight lines — with lyricism at its best in translation. This is a […]

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L’oscuro splendore / Poetarum Silva

A fine article by the Italian poetess Melania Panico about L’oscuro splendore (Mimesis Edizioni, collana Hebenon), the Italian translation (by Marco Morello) of the American book The Dark Brightness (Xenos Books), on the website Poetarum Silva. Here is the article: Il mio approccio a questo libro è stato volutamente lento. Ci ho messo molti mesi prima di […]

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Four poems from Franca Mancinelli’s « All the Eyes that I have Opened » in The Bitter Oleander

Four poems from Franca Mancinelli’s series « Tutti gli occhi che ho aperto » / « All the Eyes that I have Opened » have been published bilingually in The Bitter Oleander (Volume 24, No. 2, Fall 2018). Here is one of the translated poems: horizontal in the darkness I recognize the earth—it still holds us up   now […]

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Poems from « Portholes » translated into Macedonian

Several poems from Portholes (included in the volume Grassy Stairways, The MadHat Press, 2017) have been translated into Macedonian by D. A. Lori. To read these translations, click here. With a critical presentation by Snezana Stojcevska. With illustrations by Caroline François-Rubino. A French-English edition and a Serbian-English edition of Portholes also exist:

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Franca Mancinelli’s « Fuori dal fuoco » / « Out of the Fire » in English

Franca Mancinelli’s poetic sequence « Fuori dal fuoco » has been translated into English by John Taylor as « Out of the Fire » on Ron Slate’s litzine-website On the Seawall. Here are the translated poems: with footsteps that would like to plant seeds in a cadence I’m going to give back to the leaves the tree they have lost, to the […]

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On the poetry of Salomon Ibn Gabirol, Antioch Review

The essay « Being Personal: The Very Modern Medieval Poetry of Salomon Ibn Gabirol » has been published in the Antioch Review (Volume 76, No. 3, Summer 2018). The review essay examines Ibn Gabirol’s poems, as published in the book « Vulture in a Cage » (translated by Raymond P. Scheindlin, Archipelago Books). The beginning of the essay: In his […]

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Translation of Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito

Translation into English of the Italian poet Franca Mancinelli’s Libretto di transito: The Little Book of Passage (Bitter Oleander Press, 2018). Here are two of the translated texts: « A glass of water on the table, by chance almost full after dinner. We were alone and transparent, with something burning inside. One color after another, and then […]

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