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Publication of Wind-Vent, livre d’artiste, by Æncrages & Co.

Publication at AEncrages & Co. of Wind-Vent, a bilingual livre d’artiste in 21 copies, with original drawings by Caroline François-Rubino, French translation by Françoise Daviet-Taylor. An excerpt from the sequence: imagine wind in your cupped palm   holding it there for instants   instants   you seek to feel again winds remembered and   none […]

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Interview with Trafika Europe

Interview with Andrew Singer of Trafika Europe about translating French and Francophone poetry. Here is the interview.

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November 2017 Babel heureuse

Excerpts from the poetic sequence « But it was not yet night » / « Mais il ne faisait pas encore nuit » (translated by Françoise Daviet, with drawings by Caroline François-Rubino) in the second issue of the French review « Babel heureuse », as well as excerpts in French and English from Pierre Chappuis’s Cahier de nuages. To order the issue, […]

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November 29 – December 1, 2017 Art of Criticism Symposium, Ljubljana

Participation in the « Umetnost Kritike » (« The Art of Criticism ») Symposium, Ljubljana. Interviewed by Maja Sučur in Dnevnik.

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Summer 2017 Antioch Review

In the latest issue of the Antioch Review (Volume 75, No. 3, Summer 2017), the essay « A Heart on the Line: The Poetry of Anthony Rudolf. »    

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22-23-24 September 2017 Journées Paul Valéry

Invited to the Journées Paul Valéry in Sète, France, to give a reading of Portholes (Hublots) and The Apocalypse Tapestries (La Fontaine invisible).

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April 2016 « Like Bits of Wind » by Pierre Chappuis

Publication of the translation Like Bits of Wind: Selected Poetry and Prose 1974-2014, by Pierre Chappuis, Seagull Books. One poem from the series « Full Margins »: On the page of the waters in vain you inscribe your flight   Dual bird chasing yourself   The book is distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

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March 17, 2016

Present at the Livre-Paris Book Fair for the publication of Boire à la source / Drink from the Source, watercolors by Caroline-François-Rubino, French translation by Françoise Daviet, Éditions Voix d’Encres, Stand 1-G83.

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Publication of Portholes / Hublots, Éditions L’oeil ébloui

Publication of the bilingual book Hublots / Portholes (Éditions L’oeil ébloui), with paintings by Caroline François-Rubino, French translation by Françoise Daviet. An excerpt: shapes effaced night emerges words blur   the porthole is the last remaining form   *   dark blue night welcoming in whatever is was parallel to   *   dust round the rim […]

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Boire à la source / Drink from the Source, Éditions Voix d’encres

Publication of Boire à la source / Drink from the Source, texts by John Taylor, watercolors by Caroline François-Rubino, French translation by Françoise Daviet, at the Éditions Voix d’encres. An excerpt: Enormous chamois-like shadows moving across the high meadows of the Ouille Allegra.   * Not a soul coming down.   * Hidden valley under the […]

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